Our Story

Our story begins with Stacy Cossette, who has always had a love for fashion and had a long time wish of owning a clothing boutique that caters to all women. She has been in the dental field as an office manager for the past 16 years and that is where she met and has worked with Stacey Sell who is a dental hygienist. Both Stacy and Stacey enjoy the dental field but have always wanted to have something to call their own and have an investment for their futures. For over a year they talked about different ways to invest and different types of business ventures that they might enjoy. It always came back around to what they both love to do and that is to shop (what girl doesn’t love to shop??) and shopping for clothes is one for their particular favorites.


So first it was to decide what kind of clothing store we wanted to open and whom do we want to shop at our store. Of course we want everyone to shop with us. Isn’t it always more fun to shop with a group of friends or family (mom, sisters, aunts, cousins)? So we wanted to be able to provide that shopping experience that we both knew was hard to come by in Fargo. We both wanted to have a store that you can either shop by yourself or with friends and everyone in the group can find something that is fashionable and affordable with personalized service.


We both had similar experiences with local boutiques, that they just didn’t carry enough of the “average size “(which is a size 12) and” extended sizes “ to make a shopping trip enjoyable. (How frustrating is it to see cute clothes but not be able to buy them because it only goes up to a size large which fits a size 8 if your lucky) and some stores that did carry average and larger sizes just weren’t cute. So for our store we now knew what our goals are; to provide fashionable clothing to a range of sizes (small to 3X) and to have a styles that are fashionable for a large age range.


Now to name our store…. How daunting is that?! Anyone that has ever tried to name a business knows that this is a scary thing to do. Your business name represents everything you are and believe in. We went though a thousand names but we always came back to Charmed Boutique, so we decided to look up what the definition of “Charmed” and see if that fit with our goals. Charmed…. By definition can mean several things depending on how you use the word but after looking at several different sources there was a common pattern that we both liked and here are a few, “to be very lucky in life”,“ to attract or fascinate; delight greatly”, and “ a pleasing or attractive feature” to us these are all things that we wanted to help others feel about themselves and their lives and the best way to do that is to start with the way you dress and feel about yourself in your clothes.


Charmed Boutique officially opened October 2014 and has been a wonderful addition to our lives, we have enjoyed meeting many new friends/customers and greatly appreciate their patronage and we look forward to meeting many more. We are very excited to be located in downtown Fargo and to provide women with clothing that will make them feel great about themselves and their “Charmed” life.